“when I thought about entering treatment again, I knew what I was facing.  Uncomfortable living conditions and being treated like an inmate were just two of the unpleasant issues I had experienced in past with other facilities.

Thankfully, I endured a program unlike anything I had been through, The Meehl Foundation provides healing, recovery and peace in a serene environment.  You live and receive the treatment in a gorgeous home the Meehls’ built with the clients comfort in mind.  The common areas are open and inviting.  This feeling of warmth flows throughout the house.  Residents stay in spacious bedroom with plenty of closet space, a desk area, and the coziest bed you can imagine.  (Debra and Mark understand how essential quality sleep is you’re your health).  Each bedroom as an adjourning bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi tub and shower.  While you have a sanctuary to retreat to for privacy, you are around people who are dedicated to your recovery.  Throughout your day support is available to you whenever you need it.

Days begin at the gym followed by recovery group work, therapy and even some free time.  You become part of the family here, so dinner together is a nightly event.  The food is delicious and exactly what your brain and body need to function well.  You’ll be amazed that eating right can taste so good.  Choosing to go into treatment is a big decision.  Deciding to enter a facility that revolves around YOUR recovery, peace and stability is an easy choice”.2015 (age 32)

“I had 17 suicide attempts before I came to the Meehl Foundation.  I stayed a year.  I got a divorce, changed my name, got a job, got an apt., and went back to school.  Enough said!” (2012)


I wanted to thank you for your donation to allow me to participate in this program which would have been out of my reach.  Without this opportunity I would not be the person I am now.  I would be in jail, worse or in the bottom of a bottle.  I have been in this program for about 7 months.  I do therapy with Dauphine and come to the outpatient group.  I served in the military and had terrible PTSD.  This program has helped me get back on track, and to learn to do thing for myself and not just wait around for things to magically happen.  Before I came I was on probation for assault and hanging around people that I knew I should not have been.  I was not able to let things or people go, now I can step back and really think about what I want to do and how I want the results to turn out.  I am not aimlessly trying to find what do not exist.  Being in the military was great but getting out left me stuck in the past, and coming back left me without direction or purpose and I was angry with people because of the way I thought about them, and thought they should treat me differently.  Coming here changed my thinking about that and about them.   I now practice DBT therapy and it has changed my life.  I have many more months to go here and I am grateful for the opportunity that you have allowed me.  This is something that most men my age(27) can only dream of. This program has allowed me to stop playing the victim and understand that every choice I make is exactly that, a choice I made.”  BK age 27 (2015)

I have suffered from bipolar II disorder for some 15+ years now. I have been through countless hospitalizations, medications, residential treatments, intensive outpatient services, individual therapy and more. It wasn’t until I joined a DBT group, and then worked that in to my individual therapy sessions as well, that I began to see a difference in my mood regulation. I was more in control. Having also an eating disorder, suicidal thoughts and struggling with self-harm, DBT was so useful with its mindfulness techniques and other coping skills that it taught me along the way. I credit it to one of the reasons I’m still alive today.”


“When I first came to the Meehl foundation I struggled with PTSD BPD and suicidal thoughts… Close to sixty I have been working on DBT skills with the professionals. I have learned and finished a couple different work books and have really seen how my life has changed. This journey was tough and hard but worth it. I have also come to know who walks beside me even better than I did before. This is a great place where I felt comfortable and able to work through many different trials in my life and get on the right meds that make me feel even better.

Another part of who I am is Being a member of a great church. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This has helped me in the journey to recovery.

With the skills I have learned and my faith in Christ I don’t carry the burdens I once did. In the first time in 23 years I can live a happy and full life.

The start of my new beautiful journey just begun for me. I will forever be grateful for this time here and all the people I worked with!” (2014)


“As an individual in recovery from eating disorders I have struggled with eating disorders for the last 14 years. It was not until I decided that I wanted a new life and then four months into my recovery process came across Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) that increasingly significant changes began to happen for me. The Meehl Foundation residential DBT treatment program has provided me with an unlimited wealth of knowledge educationally, personally, and professionally. The skills of core mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness have impacted my own life in so many positive and uplifting ways. In the arena of mental health and eating disorders, I have propelled my life from suffering, misery, and low self-esteem to that of a life worth living filled with success, happiness, and self-love.”

“About this time last year, a group of people saved and changed my life forever. I have unending love and gratitude for them, as well as the people who made it possible and supported me throughout. I can’t express in words how blessed I am to have gone through that experience.” CC 2015 


“Six months ago I asked Got to blow a “new wind” in my life. You and Mark are that wind I asked for. The time with you is saving my life and also teaching me how to live!
SD 2015


“My first month at Meehl was great. I loved everything about it. Danielle, the DBT Skills Trainer did an excellent job, Mark was always helpful and Debra provided an even atmosphere. My second month didn’t go as well. In fact, it was one of the worst months of my life. For the first time in my life I truly felt suicidal. When asked for comfort I was told to use my DBT skills. I felt this was unfair. At all the previous treatment centers I’d been at there was always a knight in white shining armor to rescue me when I felt out of control. I’m a person who is used to being in charge and getting what I want when I want it. I want to please people and I expect them to please and comfort me back. In the past there’s always been someone to rescue me. I’ve never learned self-care or self-compassion. I’ve always depended upon others to meet my needs. I’m 59 and raised five children and am now just learning one of the most important skills of all, to depend upon myself to solve my problems. It is the first place that taught me the most important lesson of my life. Sometimes we have to learn the hard way by almost losing everything important to us. I am deeply indebted to Meehl for all they have done for me. They have taught me more than any other treatment center as to what is really important for me to learn to move forward in life.” D.T. (2016)


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