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Texas residents diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder, experiencing anxiety or depression, or battling substance abuse can find a residential treatment program with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy along the state’s Gulf Coast. The Meehl House provides DBT to residents who are ready to make the recovery process a top priority. The DBT treatment team introduces the key skillsets of DBT, including Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotional Regulation, that are necessary to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Choosing the residential treatment center at The Meehl House can provide numerous benefits. 24 hour access to the DBT team allows a resident to address a distressful or emotional situation as it is occurring, and put learned DBT skills and life skills into practice immediately. The cohesiveness of the DBT team, including a psychiatrist, therapist, skills trainer, life coach and program director, means all team members are aware of the particular situation and needs of each individual. The residential treatment center also provides an atmosphere of continuous support from fellow residents, family visitors and the founders of The Meehl Foundation, Mark and Debra Meehl, DD, MSW, who live at The Meehl House.

This holistic center tends to each resident’s mind, body and spirit as a fundamental elements of the program. Behavior therapy and skills training are combined with strategies for protecting, strengthening and caring for the body and providing resources to helping a resident cultivate a stronger sense of the value of spiritual strength. These skills and strategies are taught over the course of a 30-60 day stay at the treatment center’s facility.

Making plans for continuing care for each resident is a priority of the program at The Meehl House. The DBT team will work family members, local psychiatrists, therapists and community resources to facilitate and establish extended care. Access to all staff members of The Meehl House is also provided to residents upon their return home to Houston, Dallas, Austin and beyond. Inquiries can be made at 979-798-7972 and more information about The Meehl House can be found online at

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Debra Meehl

Debra Meehl, DD, MSW Pastoral Counselor, DBT Therapist & Skills Trainer , Board Certified Hypnotist & President, Meehl Foundation

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