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NEW: We are a trained AMEN SOLUTION brain-healthy
treatment program! A balanced, wholistic approach,
healing the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

Borderline Personality Disorder
Treatment Center


The Meehl Foundation is an  “Intensively Trained DBT Team” and an “Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program”


The Meehl Foundation is a residential mental wellness treatment center in Texas that serves only 5 clients at a time from around the United States and the world. We believe in treating the whole person:  mind, body and spirit. We do this with 5 hours of group per day: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy(REBT), Self-Esteem, Amen Brain Health and 12-step.   We take clients ready for positive change in their lives.

We specialize in treating:

  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Major depression
  • Anxiety disorders, including posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Substance abuse, Food Addiction, Sugar Addiction


Our Mental Illness Treatment Approach- Understanding, Compassion and Intensive DBT Training

The Meehl Foundation is made up of a team that is intensively trained in dialectical behavior therapy by the Marsha Linehan’s staff at behavioral tech in Settle Washington.  The Meehl Foundation is also an Amen Brain Healthy Treatment Program. We create individual, holistic treatment plans that are tailored to reduce emotional pain and stop crisis generating behaviors through:

  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • SPECT images of the brain
  • Hypnosis
  • Biofeedback
  • Acupuncture
  • Vitamin and mineral testing
  • Hormone balancing
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Psychiatric services
  • A 24-hour crisis intervention team
  • Resources for both during and after treatment

While in our 90-day, residential, treatment program, a resident learns skills to help manage all aspects of his or her life including relationships, career, and everyday stressors.  Clients with mood and personality disorder to not choose to be in emotional distress.   They have a treatable illness that needs a team approach.  As mental health professionals we need to have compassion and understanding while we allow our clients into a find a new ways of thinking and behaving.

The Meehl Foundation and dialectical behavior therapy respects all faiths, walks of life, and lifestyles. We aim to support everyone in their own, unique way.


What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy?


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT, is a system of psychotherapy designed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder, and other mental disorders, by reducing the symptoms of emotional dis-regulation. The four components of DBT are Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Distress Tolerance, and Emotional Regulation. The Mindfulness aspect of DBT groups are essential skills that an individual with BPD needs to learn, including how to observe, describe and participate in life experiences, internal or external, without simply labeling them as good or bad experiences.

Interpersonal Effectiveness helps an individual with BPD learn to assert his or her needs while still effectively managing conflict in relationships. The skills associated with Distress Tolerance help an individual learn to tolerate distress and accept it as a natural part of life without resorting to a behavior response that could make the distress damaging to others or lead to self-destructive acts. This raises a clients threshold to tolerate distress in daily life stopping their destructive behaviors.  The fourth component of DBT, Emotional Regulation, helps individuals learn to identify and manage emotional reactions.


Benefits of Using Our Residential BPD Treatment Center



The Benefits of The Meehl Foundation’s DBT Treatment Program


There are many benefits to staying in the Meehl Foundations  residential treatment center that are difficult to obtain elsewhere. First and foremost we are a loving, compassionate home filled with laughter and support dedicated to your recovery.  Access to a 24-hour crisis team comprised of a psychiatrist, national certified DBT therapist, skills trainer, licenced addiction counselor and program director, allows residents to work through any distressful or emotional situation as it happens and allows for the practicing of essential dialectical behavior therapy skills.

Through a highly individualized mental illness treatment plan, residents set goals of

  • Emotional stability- eliminating crisis generating behaviors
  • Balance- raising their threshold to tolerate distress
  • Wellness- of the brain and body
  • Personal discovery – increasing their self-love and esteem.

And with these goals, a realistic plan is created for long-term wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit.


More about DBT Therapy in Our Residential Setting

The Meehl House is one of the first locations in the nation to offer residential group homes providing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for individuals with Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Substance Abuse. The house can accommodate as many as four residents at any given time. An evaluation will determine if a candidate for DBT program meets the residency requirements.

The program is available for patients at least 21 years of age, and no more than 65, who suffer from a mood or personality disorders. These clients must be ready to make recovery a top priority. Each resident must be medication-compliant.   Residents also agree to participate in local addiction and co-dependency support groups as needed. Due to the need for safety and well-being of the residential community, a resident cannot be a convicted sex offender, a known arsonist, or someone deemed actively psychotic.

At The Meehl House, we place a strong focus on the future as well as the present, which is why we make continuing care a priority. The DBT team will work family members, local psychiatrists, therapists and community resources to facilitate and establish extended care. Access to all staff members of The Meehl House is also available to all former residents.

Caution: Many facilities will tell you that they “take your insurance”, but many clients are angry and disappointed when they find out that insurance does not pay for things like; yoga, equine therapy, acupuncture, massage, and hypnosis, leaving them with tens of thousands of dollars to pay the treatment facility when they leave. Any reputable treatment facility will give you your cost in writing BEFORE you get into treatment. The Meehl Foundation, as an out-of-network provider, will give you the CPT codes to give to your insurance for reimbursement for therapies and groups we do here.


Click here for Cost and Requirements


To Learn More about DBT and BPD Therapy, contact us today.

Mark & Debra Meehl“As a couple, and based upon our own experiences, we believe that hope and healing are not just a possibility but a realistic possibility; and with proper treatment for your loved one and conscientious attention from you and others who are concerned, your relationship with your loved one can do more than survive – it can thrive!”
Mark & Debra Meehl

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Debra Meehl

Debra Meehl, DD Pastoral Counselor, DBT Trained Skills Trainer, Board Certified Hypnotist & President, Meehl Foundation Intenselevly Tained DBT Team

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NAADAC- Seattle, WA
Radical Acceptance-Getting to the root of the problem
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Radical Acceptance-getting to the root of the problem
October 24th, 2014 (1:30pm -3pm)
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